Modern day radio has become so highly formatted that there is little room for less popular songs.  B-Side Trax is the perfect program adding 22-23 unique songs to your playlist without touching your current library. Not to mention the captivating back stories told by a truly engaging Raconteur. It's also a daily feature your sales team can market to their local clients.


A savvy blend of old & new, more & less familiar songs, each with its own fascinating tale. Built as a daily featurette or as the cornerstone of a retro hour.

Here's what a week's Alternative shows would look ( & Sound ) like:

Monday - Flagpole Sitta

Harvey Danger - Popular Song

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Tuesday - Left Hand Free

ALT-J - 21st Century

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Wednesday - Dirty Water

The Inmates - Deep Track

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Thursday - Rooster

Alice in Chains - Active Rock

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Friday - She Talks To Angels

Black Crowes - Most Popular

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Classic Rock

As if the well-crafted songs weren’t enough, tack on an engaging story from ‘behind the music’ & you’ve got an audience engaging feature 5 days a week. 

Here's what a week's Classic Rock shows would look ( & Sound ) like:

Monday - Whole Lotta Rosie

AC/DC - Popular Song

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Tuesday - New Sensation

INXS - Alternative

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Wednesday - Hocus Pocus

Focus - Deep Track

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Thursday - Green Tamborine

Lemon Pipers - Throwback

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Friday - Too Young To Fall in Love

Motley Crue - Most Popular

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Classic Hits

Poppy & peppy, it isn’t just rock songs that have great & interesting fables & legends.  Your listeners will adjust their schedules so they won’t miss this show. 

Here's what a week's Classic Hits shows would look ( & Sound ) like:

Monday - Fooling Yourself

STYX  - Pop / Rock

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Tuesday - New Sensation

INXS - Modern Rock

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Wednesday - Sunglasses at Night

Corey Hart - 1 - Hit Wonder

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Thursday - New World Man

Rush - Rock

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Friday - Borderline

Madonna - Pop / Rock

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ABout the host

Mike Mewborn

He wakes up every morning with a different song playing in his head.  Record stores were his second home, going to his parent’s house occasionally for meals & sleep, getting up early on Saturday mornings to listen to his parent's vinyl  

Andy Williams & Tom T Hall gave way to Led Zeppelin, Blue Oyster Cult, REM, INXS, Guns, Green Day, Disturbed & whatever comes out next.  His very 1st live concert was Chicago Transit Authority.

He got his start in radio in Ft Myers, FLA also working on air in San Diego as a traffic reporter & newscaster.  Media has always been in his blood.  B-Side Trax is just his latest sortie into his lifelong passion for radio & music.

So please, enjoy the songs & their stories, nothing would make him happier …

Or call 858-205-2000 to discuss adding B Side Trax to your station's programming. 

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